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Alliance Edit

The Alliance is a coalition between the Leftist Union and the Super Rational Skeptics. It formed to counter the power of the Coalition, and acts against the Coalition, however they are not yet at war.

Coalition Edit

The Coalition is an alliance between the Capitalists, the Crusaders, and the Confederacy. It formed due to their shared conservative heritage, and acts against the Alliance, however they are not yet at war.

Hochmeister Edit

The Hochmeister is the current leader of the Teutonic order and he resides at his capital of Königsberg. He has taken a very staunch approach against the pagans and Alliance, and has led several expeditions deep into pagan territory, and wishes to wage war against the Alliance, especially against the Leftist Union who he holds a deep grudge against.

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Königsberg Edit

Königsberg is the capital of the current Teutonic Order, and the Stronghold of the Coalition. It is a beautiful city with a majestic cathedral, a mighty castle, and a massive library. For a map, head here.

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The Teutonic Order Edit

The Teutonic Order is a military order dedicated to the spreading of the One True FaithTM into the Baltic Sea. We are vassals of the Crusaders, who are led by Pope Urban II.

The Crusaders Edit

The Crusaders are a military order who will reclaim the holy land aka the world DEUS VULT.

Vassals: Isabella of Castille, Richard Lionheart, and the Hochmeister.

Territories: Castille, Königsberg, and Rome.